St Crispin’s CP Infant School - Parent Questionnaire 2014/15

Key Findings

Thank you to every parent and carer who completed our recent Parent Survey.  We thought you might be interested in the results, which we have received from NFER.  148 completed questionnaires were received. This represents 59% of families, which is a very pleasing response , although not quite as good as last year (64%).

26 of the questions were compared by NFER to questions given to schools nationally.  Responses to the St Crispin’s questionnaire were found to be significantly more positive than national responses for every single question! This is excellent news.

Our Top Ten:

These are the areas parents feel to be of greatest strength – the areas in which St Crispin’s was rated most significantly above the national sample:

  Healthy dinner menu

  Senior leaders do a good job

  Safe environment for children

  Out of school hours clubs and activities

  The school’s curriculum

  School Governors do a good job

  Children are happy at school

  Children are encouraged to work hard

  Overall parental satisfaction

  Children are encouraged to exercise.

We are especially pleased to see the positive response to our improvements regarding out of hours clubs, as this was one of our weakest areas last year. We have been working hard on this, in response to last year’s questionnaire.

Our least successful area (compared to national results) was the support given to pupils when they first started school.  However, although this was our weakest areas – it must be noted that only 3% of parents felt that their child was not well supported.  So although this issue came at the bottom of our list, it can still be regarded as a strength and feedback for St Crispin’s was still significantly better than for all schools.

NFER have passed onto us all the comments at the end of the questionnaires which you were happy to share. Analysis of these comments shows us what parents think is particularly good about St Crispin’s:

  Children enjoy school and are happy

  Talented, supportive and caring staff (all roles)

  Warm, welcoming friendly environment

  Children feel safe

  Gradual and nurturing introduction to Year R

  Quality of teaching

  One to one interventions and support for children with SEN

  Children make lots of progress; they want to learn and work hard

  Communication to parents

  After School/Breakfast  clubs

  School trips

  Home Learning

  Concerns dealt with promptly

These were suggestions for improvements which were made by two or more parents:

To improve communication with parents

Although most parents state that school-to-home communication is a strength of the school, there were a number of parents (7) who would like to see communication improved. Comments included the desire for more communication with parents; requests for fewer notes and the difficulties working parents find to feel ‘in the loop’. We are always keen to find ways of developing our methods of liaison with families and aim to introduce communication by e mail next year. We also want to put more information on our website. If you have any specific ideas for other ways we could improve this issue, please let us know.

To improve out of hours clubs

Last year this issue was mentioned by quite a large number of parents. We therefore greatly increased our range of clubs.  This year, most families have fed back positively about the improvements.  4 parents felt the clubs were expensive. However, many of our clubs cost only £2 for an hour, which we feel is very good value. We are also able to subsidise the cost of a club, in cases of financial difficulty. 4 other parents would like to see the range of clubs increase further or for there to be more places available.  We shall look into this next year.

Home learning – 4 parents would like us to provide more homework.

We will take this feedback on board when we review home learning for next year.  However, we are also aware that some parents find it very difficult to fit in the home learning we already provide.

Provide healthy eating options as treats and on special days.

We shall definitely action this next year.

Improve our playground

This will be happening very soon! The children have given us their ideas and a range of playground markings will be in place in September.

We are grateful to all the parents who took the time to complete the questionnaire. We genuinely value everybody’s views.  We are proud and delighted that so many of you are very happy with St Crispin’s.  We also acknowledge and respect your suggestions for improvements and trust you will be satisfied with our consequent actions.  If you would like the opportunity to further discuss a suggestion you made on your questionnaire, please let Mrs Ellinor know.

If you are interested in seeing further information regarding some individual questions

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Parents who agree

'Overall, I am satisfied with my child's school'

Parents who agree

'The school provides a safe environment for my child'

Parents who agree

'My child is happy at school'

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